The Perfect Date

By choice, I haven't dated anyone since 2005. Yes, it has been six years and I am completely okay with that.  However, I have been on many dates, with a great person with excellent qualities. That person is ME! 🙂  Sounds weird, but I have been dating myself for a few years now.  Why, you ask? Well, quite frankly I feel as the child of the King, I deserve the best and so do YOU.

As single women, we often live in the,"one day when I get a man"fantasy.  "One day when I get a man"… I am going to go on a European excursion.  "One day when I get a man"… I am going to wear the nicest dress and Christian Louboutin shoes and be taken to a 5 star restaurant. Well, my question is, why wait? If there is something you want to do, someplace you want to go; why must you wait for a man? If you have the resources, why not date yourself?

When was the last time you treated yourself to fine dining in some of your best clothes and afterwards experienced an evening of some quality entertainment? Or the last time you had fun at an amusement park or a picnic. So what if you don't have a date, you can date yourself! Being single does not equate to boredom and loneliness. You can have a very fulfilling single life.  I have treated myself to some pretty exciting dates.  I have even bought new outfits and shoes to see a musical.  I have cooked candlelit dinners for myself.  It is during singlehood, you can spend quality time with God, and have great fellowship time together.  The possibilities are endless.

In dating yourself, you begin to discover the qualities that God placed in you.  You learn what it is that you desire in your future mate.  I discovered that I have a great sense of humor and I am a tad bit of an adventuress.  With that being said, my future mate must have a sense of humor and be open to new and exciting exploits.  So what is your idea of The Perfect Date? What are some of your good qualities? What are some qualities you want in a mate? Instead of waiting on a man to take you on a date, why not become your own Perfect Date?

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