The Glamorous Life

Okay does anyone here remember Sheila E’s song Glamorous Life?  Are you singing it now that I mentioned it?  So I think the lyrics are: “she wants to lead the glamorous life, she don’t need a man’s touch, she wants to lead the glamorous life, without love it ain’t much.”

Glamorous Life reminds me of the Truth that God has given us the abundant life- full of good things (See 1 Timothy 6:17).  We are divinely healed, divinely protected, wealthy, having successful marriages, enjoying blessed parenting… enjoying our lives in abundance, to the full, until it overflows (see John 10:10, The Amplified Bible).  No man can give you the abundant life – only God.  And like Sheila E. said, “without love it ain’t much.”  So check your love walk, are you loving like God?

Enjoy the abundant life and make sure you operate in the love of God. Wisely share your abundance with others so that they are blessed.

Oh yeah, you can stop singing Glamorous Life now

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