The Big 3 Relationships of Life

Life is all about relationships.  You cannot accomplish the will of God for your life on your own.  It is going to take the big three relationships: a genuine, growing relationship with God; a healthy relationship with self and various relationships with others.   Let's start with:

A Relationship with God

Many have an idea that God is sitting on His throne waiting on them to commit a sin, so He can roar like thunder and strike them down with a flash of lightening.  While God does require certain standards in our lives; He is not some angry invisible spirit that bad religion has made Him out to be. God is love and He desires to have an intimate relationship with you. As with anyone else, you maintain a relationship with God by spending time with Him.  You spend time with Him through prayer, praise, worship and reading His Word.  Talk to Him whenever you choose; He is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Now that is a great friend! As you spend time with God, He begins to deposit His desires for you into your heart.  He shows you areas in your life that may require change.  He gives you the vision, the plan and the blueprint for your life.  A relationship with God is the foundation of successful relationships with yourself and others.

Next week we will examine the remaining 2 relationships.

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