The Big 3 Relationships of Life II

Last week we looked at our relationship with God.  Let's continue with the remaining 2 relationships.

Relationship with Yourself

Everywhere you go, everything you do, one person you can guarantee to be there: YOU!! You will never get rid of you.  In the morning, when YOU wake up, at bed time, when YOU are happy, mad, sad YOU are there.  You cannot escape YOU.  With that being said, you might as well learn how to get along with, become comfortable with and like YOU!!  Life's disappointments and in some cases others have taught us to dislike ourselves.  I know I spent the first 25 years of my life with a distorted view of myself.  As a result I neglected to develop a healthy relationship with me.  I had no idea of the true desires of my heart, my likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.  I allowed others opinions me to become my truth.   Once I started to develop a genuine, sincere, growing, working relationship with God, He began to show me the person He created me to be. Now I can't get enough of me. I love to hangout with me. I am such a joy to be around. J  Your relationship with yourself and God is vital for success in your relationships with others.

Relationship with Others

The bible is a book of relationships.  Life is about relationships.  True success is found in successful relationships.  If you have neglected your relationship with God, more than likely you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself. Therefore, your relationships with others are unsuccessful.  You are constantly wondering if others are taking advantage of you or are they rejecting you.  I faced rejection at a very young age from my peers; always the last one to be picked for a team or the main character of someone's joke.   As a result, I developed a dislike and distrust of people.  I used to say, I don't like people.  I could not trust anyone.  As I got the strength to forgive those who had hurt me, God allowed restoration of some old friendships and brought about many new ones.  He showed me who to trust and how to trust them.

Begin to seriously evaluate the relationships in each of these three categories.  How is your relationship with God?  How are you thoughts toward yourself? Are you getting along with those around you? Face it. Relationships are apart of life.  If you sincerely want to achieve God's purpose and plan for your life, you must be successful in The Big 3 Relationships of Life.

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