Surviving Unemployment

During these tough economic times, many find themselves unemployed or underemployed.  I can relate.  In 2007, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my well paying, but unfulfilling job to begin contracting in various fields.  No one told me that we were heading towards a global economic recession.  Also with my intellect and analytical mind, I figured I had enough savings to sustain me, and with my "outstanding educational background" any company would be "lucky to have LaToya M. Williams" well, I was wrong.  Things happen! Cars need new tires, contracts go bad, companies implement hiring freezes and sometimes a careless driver may decide to hit you and total your car.  As you can tell things were way beyond my control.  But guess what, I survived! I survived unemployment without: unemployment insurance, with a car note, rent, and a number of other bills that were paid on time.  Not only did I survive, but I began to thrive in life. I am stronger, wiser and more aware of the woman God created me to be.  How did you do it? Wasn't it a scary time for you? You may ask.  Well, yes of course, but I did not allow fear to rule my life.  I did both spiritual and practical things to prevent myself from going under.  Here is my advice to you.

  1. Trust God.

This sounds so cliché and I know you are probably rolling your eyes at turbo speed.  However, it is very important.  Recognize that God was, is and always will be your one and only source.   God is your source, everything else is a resource.  Webster defines source as a point of origin, one that initiates.Resource is defined as a source of supply or support.2  Everything on the earth, including you, was created by God. The Word promises that God will supply all of your needs. (See Philippians 4:19).  God has unlimited resources he never runs out of anything.  Your old job was just a resource not your only source of income.

  1.  Assess your KSA's.

The good thing during unemployment is that you have time and lots of it.  This is the opportunity to assess your KSA's (knowledge, skills and abilities).  You even may discover talents you never knew you had.   During my 20 months with out a steady paycheck, I tutored children, provided consulting services for nonprofits and community organizations and had various speaking engagements.  I was even paid by someone to organize their outfits simply because they admired the way I dressed.  Wow!! I never considered myself a fashion stylist.

Get a notebook, pen and write down those things you know that you do well.  Can you bake desserts? Can you sew clothing?  Do you have certain gifts in administration? There are limitless ways to make money.  Use your imagination.  There is no end to the possibilities. Who knows, you may just discover the next big thing.

Next week I'll share with you what else I did to survive unemployment.

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