Septemeber 10, 2008

I am so not good with this whole blogging thing.  I recently “joined” Facebook which I rarely visit.  It’s not that I don’t like to blog, or keep up with my friends,I just get busy and forget.  Usually I’m in the bed and dozing off and I think… ooh today was a good blog topic!
Anyway.  My eldest son started Pre-K last month (you know, it’s the new kindergarten).  Everyone in the household now operates on a new schedule, who am I kidding… we never had a schedule.  That has been a huge adjustment for everyone, especially my younger son, he sleeps 15 hours out of a day if left undisturbed!  I recently accomplished a personal goal… I completed my first book.  That said, now I’m in the process of educating myself on what to do after you complete a book.  Any suggestions??
Oh well, I promise to blog more frequently.  And I’ll try to be as interesting as possible:-)

Have a great day!

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