Now is the Time

I wanted to have a family game night, but I kept putting it off for various reasons; "when the kids are older", "when I'm not so busy", "when we move to a home with a basement…" None of my reasons were logical, I just kept postponing until a later time, with no definition of when later would be. I finally had a breakthrough when I was on FB and saw my Pastor's Family Fun Night. The kids looked like they were ecstatic - and there is nothing better than an ecstatically happy child!

So my family had our 1st game night and at the end my eldest son said; "this was the best day ever!"  That was the best moment ever (well until he or his brother make the next best moment J). I am so happy that God taught me how to appreciate now with such a simple lesson. My goal is to remember the lesson and never let it slip, because now is the time.

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