New Year, Old Debt?

Need a plan to eliminate debt?

  1. 1. Make a list of all outstanding debts from the least to the greatest.

  2. Begin by paying off the least debt first.  Once that debt is cancelled, you can use the money  that had been allocated for that debt and add more with it to pay off the next largest debt.  For example: a $100 debt is cancelled. The next debt owed is $350.  Use the $100, previously allocated for your least debt, add more to it and begin paying off that $350 debt.

  3. Work the plan, diligently.

  4. Expect setbacks, when they occur, recover quickly and continue working the plan.

  5. Don't give up!

  6. The ultimate debt eliminator strategy: Cancel someone else's debt on their behalf.  It is whatever you do for others that will be done for you! (read Luke 6:38)

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