Learning to Like Yourself

How often have you heard this statement; "JUST BE YOURSELF"? Well, I always had a problem with those three words. My silent question was;"how can I be myself if I don't know myself?"  I spent many years trying to be myself only to discover that I had no clue who I was. The unfortunate reality is you can't be yourself, until you know yourself; you won't ever get to know yourself, until you have learned to like yourself.

Learning to like yourself is a process; it is a process that involves daily renewal of your mind. It is also a process that I am very familiar with. For all of my childhood years and well into adulthood I thought something was wrong with me. Five years ago, God set me on a path of self discovery, one that would allow me to accept me for who I am, even my imperfections. Over the next few weeks I will share with you a few steps both practical and spiritual that you can apply in order to like who you are.

As you begin the process of learning to like yourself, you will begin to discover who you truly are and the person God created you to be. Once you have learned to like yourself, you will know yourself and then and only then you can BE YOURSELF Perhaps, the new phrase should be "JUST LIKE YOURSELF"!

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