Learning to Forgive II

Forgive Yourself

Honestly, I wish I did everything right all the time.  I have learned over the years that that is impossible.  Mistakes happen, even unintentionally.  I had to come to grips with I am HUMAN.  I have and I will continue to make mistakes, but I must be willing to learn from them.  Sometimes I say things I shouldn't have said, I have done things I shouldn't have done.   I fell for temptations when I should have fled.  The key is to remember that Jesus was the sacrifice that atoned for our sins. (1 John 2:2)  Don't spend your life replaying the sin you committed over and over in your head; this only leads to guilt and condemnation.  I believe the greatest lesson in forgiveness is learning to forgive you.  Follow the example of God, He has already forgiven you, learn to forgive yourself.

Forgive God

This sounds so weird, but I have discovered so many are in offense towards God.   In 2005, I had to forgive God.   I said it out of my mouth; "God I forgive you.”  My heart was hardened because of disappointments that had taken place in my life.   I felt as if God did not answer any of my prayers.   I thought He had allowed everyone in my life to hurt me, to lie to me.   After, I released my offenses toward God; He began to show me that certain events in my life were divinely orchestrated.  Those divinely orchestrated events were part of a bigger picture.  Had He answered those prayers that I thought I wanted; I would have missed out on the great plan He had for my life.  Also, I have learned that painful experiences with its triumphs make for great testimonies.  As cliché as it may sound, it is true.   Throughout the years I have met many hurting people; many were going through some of the same challenges that as me.  God used me to help heal their hurts.   By sharing my personal experiences they saw that they were not alone.  The funny thing is I was healed from my hurts while helping others.

Begin to examine your heart for any unforgiveness towards others, God or yourself.   Ask God for a heart to forgive.  Confess out of your mouth that you forgive those who may have offended you including God and yourself.

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