Keep it Real: You Want to Get Married

Many young girls have dreams of being courted by Prince Charming, longs for the day he bows down on one knee with a rock that all of her girlfriends, enemies, family and even Queen Elizabeth would envy; and  answers yes to his question, "Would you marry me?".  She has visions of the house on the hill with the white picket fence, two car garage, 2.5 kids and a dog name "Sammy".  But often, through life's disappointments and relationship heartbreaks, she loses sight of her dream. She begins to settle for less in many areas of her life, including men. Instead of Prince Charming, she takes "Kermit the frog." Some may even tell themselves they don't ever want to get married.

Okay!! I used obvious exaggerations to make this point; many of us have allowed our limited minds to take the place of the possibilities in our hearts. We have deceived our hearts into denying our true desires. This has/may/can happen in any area of life, but today I want to deal with the desire to marry.

Throughout the last eight years, I've had the chance to meet some interesting people (to say the very least). I attended many events at my local church geared toward singles; conferences, workshops, fun nights, etc.  Some common things that I heard singles say were; "I don't want to get married", "I am waiting on God to send my Boaz", or "As long as I've got Jesus I don't need no man..." okay. I do believe for some marriage may not be a part of God's purpose for their lives.  I do believe that one should wait for God's timing, wisdom, and guidance for the right mate. And, I do believe our relationship with God must bring us to wholeness before we enter into the covenant of marriage. However, to keep it real, if most single women would take a look at the true desires of their heart, it will reveal they really desire to be married.

God promised to grant us the desire of our hearts if we take pleasure in Him (See Psalm 37:4).  The key words here are our hearts, not the deceptive limited thoughts of our heads.  I honestly believe that some of our prayers are not answered because we attempt to cover up and deny our true pure unadulterated hearts.  As you begin to spend time with God, He will begin to deposit His desires into your heart.  Today ask yourself what are your desires for a future mate? I am talking about those true desires, not the "I want to be the wife of a NFL player" fantasies; but those characteristics that will compliment your life's calling.  Realize that even though you are single, you do not have to be lonely.  This is the time you can have uninterrupted fellowship with God; develop your relationship with yourself and with others.

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