I am Not a Survivor

I am Not a Survivor

I am Not a survivor, but an over comer.

When sickness comes my way – even the big “C” – know assuredly you’ll leave as a loser today.

Financial destruction, loss of limb – whatever It is. I don’t merely outlast It or outlive It, I triumph over It!

I look you dead in the face and I say: “thanks be to God which always causes to me to triumph!” I am Not a survivor but an over comer. I defeat and cause to cease to exist – When I’m done it is over, ’cause I’m an over comer.

We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the Word of our testimony-so I testify that Jesus’ blood that was shed for me that seals me in a Covenant of Blessing with Almighty God, it has made me free.

Free to overcome any destruction, harm, loss, sickness, attack, lack…

I don’t merely outlive or outlast, but I stand on top victoriously – and I testify: I am Not a survivor, but I am an over comer.

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