Finding Your Heart

"Follow your heart!”  "What's your passion?”  "Do what you love and the money will follow.”  These are common statements and questions many have heard when searching for their purpose in life.   Personally, I found it very difficult to address these statements and questions because I had no idea what was on my heart.

As a former scientist, I conditioned myself to follow my head, not my heart.   This was my way to protect myself from hurts and disappointments.   Well, that plan backfired and I found myself in a very unhappy place in life.   So a few years ago I went on a mission to "find my heart", and ignite my personal passions.  It was well worth the journey, even with a few bumps in the road.  Here are few tips to finding your heart:

1)  Spend time with God.

As you begin to spend time with God and in His word, He will begin to deposit His desires for your life into your heart. He will reveal to you the person that he created you to be.

2)  Write down your dreams without hesitation.

Just write the first thing that comes to mind. Don't over analyze and attempt to figure out how to make it happen.   No matter how ridiculous or farfetched it may seem. Would you like to build an orphanage in Brazil? Perhaps you want to chase mountain lions in the Siberian desert? Or do you desire be your own boss? Have no reservations.

3) Change your Environment.

A change of scenery may open your imagination to an entire new world of possibilities.  Venture into another part of town, where you normally won't go. Form relationships with those who are not a part of your normal circle of friends.

4) Find ways to explore your interest.

Do you desire to start a business? Many cities have small business centers that offer many services for little or no charge. Also, with internet the world is literally at your fingertips. Begin to research ways to explore your interest.

Finding your heart is a key area to enjoying your life. Don't allow another year to pass by without knowing your heart.

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