Even if you lose every thing…

God is not the author of destruction, but He is the God of restoration.  As long as there is breath in your body, He is able to do marvelous works in your life, even if you have lost every thing.  I remind myself during challenges that God loves me, He never leaves or forsakes me and nothing can take me out of His Hand.

Do you remember the story of Joseph?  His own brothers sold him into slavery, he was imprisoned based on a false accusation, and he was betrayed while in prison…this brother had some challenges!  Nevertheless, throughout his life we were reminded that the hand of God was upon him and Joseph prospered in all that he did.

Remember this:

  1. God loves His children

  2. He is always with us, even when it looks dark

Now rest and tell the enemy, “You thought you won, but I’m just like Jesus, I just came to step on your neck and remind you who has the authority in this earth!”


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