Can I Get a Witness?

To be a witness for Jesus is a great privilege and responsibility.  Witnessing is not simply quoting scriptures to people, or speaking in “Christianese”.  Being a witness for Jesus is being you.  There are people that only you can reach.  As you grow in relationship with God and better understand who you are in Him, He will direct you on how to witness to everyone you come in contact with.  Whether you are a corporate attorney or a homemaker your life is a witness to everyone you come in contact with. I once read a quote that says:

“Be careful how you live your life you may be the only Bible people read, the only Jesus they will ever meet.”

Understand that it is not in your power that you witness for Him, but by the power given to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells in you.   Take time to meditate Acts 1:8 and let God reveal to you how to walk it out in your daily life.

Can you give us three ways you witness for Christ each day?

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