A Treasure to Be Found

Many of us desire to become a wife and we begin to plan our weddings before the groom even arrives! The limousine, beautiful white dress, royal court of bridesmaids, first dance, great food, good music, guests dancing the night away are only a few details that go into a great wedding.  While these things are great and I am all for having a wedding to remember; many have planned their wedding but have not prepared to be a wife.  The bible states in Proverbs 18:22, when a man finds a wife, he finds a treasure and obtains favor from the Lord.  I am waiting patiently for the day when I am found by the man God has for me but more importantly I want to be a treasure when found.  I want my husband to see me as a blessing as someone that has added to his life; not someone that is a burden.  With this in mind, in order to "wait well' I have started to prepare for the wedding day and marriage.  Here are a few things I have done,

  1. Get out of debt.

  2. Practice becoming a better listener.

  3. Praying for my future mate including his future.

  4. Started businesses to have a flexible schedule in order to take care of the home, including our children.

  5. Learning how to cook delicious healthy meals.

  6. Exercising and losing weight in order to look and feel my best.

Begin to brainstorm some ways you can prepare to become A Treasure to be Found. I would love to hear from you. Next week, I want to take a look at three women of the bible who were all found treasures.

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