A Treasure to Be Found III: Loyalty to the King-Ruth

Ruth was another biblical woman that was found to be a treasure.   Ruth is most known for marrying a wealthy man named Boaz.   "I am waiting for Boaz" is  often a popular catch phrase used amongst single Christian women.  While I am "waiting on Boaz", I  realize I must become "Ruth."

An analysis of Ruth's character shows she had qualities that made her both attractive and unforgettable to Boaz. Two of those qualities are loyalty and hard working.  She was fiercely loyal to Naomi, her mother in law, after the death of her husband (Naomi's son).  She was determined to stay by Naomi's side until death separated them.   To understand the significance of this, one must realized that Ruth, a Moabite, was leaving an entire culture she knew to be with Naomi (a Jew).  This had  to have been very challenging.

Boaz had the opportunity to see Ruth's devotion to Naomi because she  took a job in his field.  He saw that she was a hard dedicated worker. When Boaz asked the field superivisor about Ruth, the supervisor informed him (Boaz) of Ruth's work ethic, stating that Ruth worked diligently  the entire day only taking a small break. (See Ruth 2:7)

Because of her hard work and loyalty to Naomi, Boaz knew he could trust her.   Think about this; If God sent you a "Boaz" today, could you be trusted? Are you loyal to your family members and friends? Can they depend on you? Are you faithful on your job and other tasks God have given you?  Are you a "Ruth"?

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