A Treasure to Be Found II: Preparation for the King-Esther

One of the most well-known women in the bible is Queen Esther.   I believe Esther 2:17 is one of the most quoted scriptures among single women desiring to marry.  Although, all of the young virgins went through the same yearly treatment as she did, Esther stood out in the King's sight; she was a treasure to be found.  I often asked myself what was it about Esther that made the king desire her above all the other girls? She certainly could not have been the only beautiful one; all the other young women had to be beautiful as well.

The King's eunuch Hegagi had taken a special interest in Esther.  He ordered her a special menu, assigned her seven maids and even advised her on what to ask for on the night she spent with the King. (See Esther 2:19)  I believe Esther was chosen because of her relationship with God; she had found favor with both God and man.  Esther was chosen because she prepared and when her turn came to be presented to the king; she took the advice of her advisor.

My questions for you are: What are you doing to prepare for your King? How is your relationship with God? and Are you obedient to the things he instructs you to do?

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