Journey To Restoration™


For many years I thought my abortion was a solution to a problem. I was fine until one day, five years after the abortion, I was at work and burst into tears saying; “my daughter would have been four years old!” I thought to myself; “Okay that was strange…” If my abortion was a solution to a problem, then what was wrong with me?

Since that day, I’ve learned a lot from both my abortion experience and years spent talking to women who have had an abortion. I believe that when you go through something and learn lessons, you owe it to others to help them if they find themselves on the same path.

Abortion tends to be a taboo topic, especially in the Christian church, but it still occurs. I was 20, in school, no job, pregnant and Christian. What I know is God doesn’t have a ranking system for sin; He is faithful to forgive.

My calling is to Edify, Equip and Encourage women to live and dominate as a Divine Image!

God didn’t allow my past to define my future and He is not allowing your past to define your future.  So, if you are dealing with the emotional aftermath of an abortion, let me walk with you through this Journey to Restoration™.



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